What About A Virtual Reality Experience In London For Your Next Day Out?

When going through life, we live our experiences through our five senses. Unfortunately, these experiences become less exciting as we get used to them, and the thrill of the weekly shop or doing laundry can become mundane once the scents are no longer new and the actions are repetitive. What if you could rejuvenate these senses in new worlds and challenges that you’ve only seen in video games and movies? That is exactly what a virtual reality experience in London can do for you.

The technology

Behind VR, there is much technology and development happening that allows you to experience new worlds as if you’re actually there. It is the immersiveness that the experience allows, however, that will really trick your brain into believing that you’re walking on the moon or walking atop a cityscape. You might be thinking that you can just experience these fantastical worlds and challenges from a video game or a movie, but then you’re not really there, are you? Those images are stuck in the box that you’re watching them on and don’t move outside that. With VR, however, you’re in the image. No matter where you look, how you stand or how fast you walk, the world doesn’t appear, but rather moves with you. With force feedback, you can even touch items and feel their weight, or experience collisions, without being in danger!

Experience with your family and friends

Experience with your family and friends

Memories are made with those you care about, so why not take on a new adventure or challenge with your family and friends? Even if there are children under the age of 17, with adult supervision they can take part in the VR experiences and have the same amount of fun. Family game nights have been growing in popularity, but playing the same board games or computer games might not scratch the itch for interaction and adventure that you’re all wanting, which is what VR can do. Imagine battling zombies, making impossible jumps across buildings and saving the world with your family by your side, and without worrying that anyone will get hurt in the process.

What worlds can you visit?

VR brings a whole new meaning to the phrase the world is your oyster. There are many new worlds for you to discover, with varying levels of difficulty and appropriateness for those in your party. You might enjoy a visit to the village Altesa, for example, and helping to defend against the new neighbours that came to visit. Grab your family and get ready to help restore order! Or maybe defeating hordes of zombies that were created in a small clinic. With this experience, you’ll have to be tactical. Ever dreamed about taking on an alien invasion? With Strike Team Delta, now you can! There are also demo and free-roam options that will allow you to experience VR before jumping straight into a challenge or new world. VR can be difficult to jump into immediately, so using the demo options will allow you to familiarise yourself with the next level of entertainment and eye-opening brilliance.