What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Although often dismissed by many as a non-essential service, cosmetic dentistry is in fact an important component of modern health care. The various roles within dental care including that of dentist, dental nurse, orthodontist, and dental hygienist each serve to ensure patients maintain their oral health through preventive care and treatments. It may seem absurd to suggest that cosmetic procedures have health benefits, but when you consider the impact of a transformed smile on a person’s mental health you will be confronted by a very different point of view. Cosmetic dental procedures are also used to ensure patients with dental problems can eat and talk properly, which suggests that cosmetic dental care should be a respected branch of this essential profession. With this view, what precisely is cosmetic dental treatment and how may it benefit you?

What treatments are available?

As the phrase suggests, cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of teeth, gums, and the jaw. There are assorted procedures currently available that improve the appearance of a patient’s dental region in addition to improving a patient’s mental and physical health. Patients who are concerned that procedures may be painful will be relieved to know that there are assorted sedation options available to lessen pain and make procedures more comfortable.

Six Months Smiles

As the name suggests, this teeth-straightening treatment promises to give you a beautiful smile in just six months, or thereabouts. As braces are normally for children between the ages of ten and fourteen, adults with crooked teeth may want an alternative that is just as effective. Six Months Smiles is fast, discreet, and available at your local dental care provider. As the treatment is intended to improve the aesthetics of your teeth rather than alter your bite, it is a very fast option. The use of white brackets and tooth-coloured wires makes it discreet and the speed with which patients can have straighter teeth is perfect for those who want a fast-fix to their crooked teeth woes.

Teeth whitening

Cosmetic dental procedures

Perhaps all that is required to make your teeth look better is for the stains and discolouration to be removed. Teeth whitening is an excellent method of improving the look of your teeth and there are several types of treatments available including natural teeth whitening and deep bleaching, with results that last up to seven years. Should you want to reverse the aging discolouration of your teeth, natural teeth whitening can make your teeth appears as white as they were years ago. Deep bleaching is for those that want a more dramatic result, with teeth appearing extremely white after treatment.As with all treatments, maintenance is essential should you want to ensure your newly whitened teeth remain healthy and look great, and top-up treatments can prolong the effect.


Whether it is just the one tooth that is missing, or all your teeth need to be replaced, implants could be the solution. Implants can boost your confidence and make eating a pleasure rather than a chore once again. The common solution to a lot of missing teeth is usually dentures, but these may not be what some patients prefer. Implants allow patients to regain their confidence and there are numerous options available.