What to Consider Before Opening a Restaurant

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If starting a restaurant is your dream but you have no idea where to begin, doing research and finding out is the first step. (So good job!) Owning a successful restaurant is not always easy; new data shows that about 17% of restaurants close during their first year. Avoid being in this statistic by knowing what to expect as a restauranteur.

Heavy Lifting

If you’re going to cook for a lot of people, you need to have commercial restaurant equipment Florida. This includes a range, refrigerators, stove vents and so many other big appliances that cost money. Make sure that you do price checking and figure out what the going rate for all of this tends to be.


Of all the establishments in town, why should customers come to yours? Understand what other restaurants nearby are like and how they will serve as competition to you. What are they doing to attract customers? What do people like about them? How can you be better than your competitors?

Quality Dishes

You expect your meals to speak for themselves when customers arrive, but ascertain that you put your money where your mouth is. Don’t promise the moon and deliver a few charred bits of a fallen star. Look over your menu and ask yourself:

  • Is there enough variety?
  • Do I have dishes people will like?
  • Will customers choose what I’m serving over someone else?


Even a family-owned business can need extra hands here and there. Remember that when you look over resumes that you are not always looking for hefty amounts of experience; trainability and dedication to the job can sometimes be much more effective than someone who has a master’s in French cuisine. Experience can help, but it doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker.

Making your dream a reality can be a scary task, but knowing what to expect from owning a restaurant can help you prepare. Take all factors into consideration when opening your establishment.