Who Is Best Suited To Invisalign?

A person’s smile has a significant impact on how good they feel about their appearance. People who have teeth that are crooked, overcrowded or protruding can find that they do not feel as confident as they would like to. Many of these people are now turning to Invisalign Luton as a means of being the best version of themselves. This is an exploration of what the treatment involves, and the kind of patient who is best suited to invisible braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name for invisible braces. It takes the form of a set of trays that are completely transparent, and which are made from very soft plastic. These trays are also known as aligners. Aligners are placed over the teeth and are changed every few weeks. The subtle change in each set allows the teeth to gradually move into the desired position.

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The self-conscious teenager

Being a teenager is never easy, and often results in a person worrying about what others think of them and being concerned about their appearance. For these reasons, the idea of getting the more traditional form of braces that involves metal arches and brackets is something that can be concerning for the young person. Clear braces offer a great solution. They allow the patient to have theirmisaligned teeth corrected without having to let anyone else know that they are having treatment.

Many teenagers also find these braces an excellent choice because they can continue to enjoy their favourite team sports or playing musical instruments such as the flute or saxophone. While these activities may be a little more challenging for the patient who is wearing traditional braces, clear aligners can be removed for short periods. This means that young people do not have to put their hobbies and ambitions on hold during treatment.

The adult requiring a little discretion

Many people do not have the opportunity to have their teeth straightened in their youth. However, the fact that their teeth are misaligned has had an impact on their self-confidence. This may have held them back a little when it comes to socialising, climbing the career ladder or even finding a life partner.

The great news is that it is never too late to get a great smile and feel better about one’s appearance. Invisible braces are ideal for those who want to achieve increased confidence without having to let the whole world know that they are having treatment.

The patient who is concerned about oral health

Having the teeth straightened is not just about making the smile look good, it also helps to protect the health of the teeth and gums. This is because teeth that are not straight are much harder to clean It can be difficult to ensure that all food debris and plaque is removed from around teeth that are protruding or crooked. This can result in a decline in oral health which can cause bad breath, gum disease and even tooth loss. Getting the teeth corrected using Invisalign can help to significantly reduce the risk of all these issues, which can also impact on a person’s health in general.