Why Choose An Invisalign Dentist In Welwyn To Perfect Your Smile

How does the treatment work?

To begin with, a consultation will occur between the patient and the Invisalign dentist in Welwyn so as to decide whether this orthodontic treatment is the most suitable for the  patient’s needs. To do this a series of photographs are taken so that the whole picture can be seen with regards to alignment issues. In some cases it may be that X-rays or dental impressions are needed, but this depends entirely on the individual case.

Once the decision has been made that this particular treatment will be the best course of action for the patient’s needs, a series of clear aligners will be created which are designed as per the patient’s dental specifications. After the aligners have been created they are provided to the patient in multiple sets. These sets, which are easily removed by the patient, need to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day and removed only during times of food consumption and dental cleaning. The aligners will then gently push the teeth into a new alignment. In some cases treatment can take around 6 months to gain the finished desired results, however this depends entirely on the patient’s commitment to the realignment process and whether they follow the recommended plan as given to them by their dentist. This includes the length of time the retainer is worn each day combined with changing the sets over when advised by their dental team.

What are the benefits to having this treatment?

What are the benefits of having Invisalign treatment

Today’s society surrounds us with numerous positive body images and in a world where appearance matters as a child through to adulthood, physical appearance can be of greatest importance. This is where having the option of clear, removable aligners helps adults perfect their beautiful smile in a discreet but effective way.

Due to the soft material that the aligners are made of, the aligners do not rub the gums and therefore cause minimal discomfort if any, whilst gently pushing the teeth into the desired aligned position. The comfortable nature of these aligners is of extreme importance as patients are less likely to follow their treatment plan if the aligners are uncomfortable or cause irritation. Luckily, the invisalign aligners are not only discreet in appearance but also in their natural feel.

Alongside the discreet nature of the retainers the patient has control over the everyday responsibility of their treatment. This can be highly beneficial as it allows the patient to monitor how their commitment to the treatment affects the results of their treatment. Whilst the recommendation is to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, it is understood that there may be occasions when a retainer, no matter how invisible, can affect a person’s confidence and a sense of normality may be needed. Therefore on these rare occasions it may help the individual to know that the choice is in their hands and not those of the Invisalign dentist.

Please note, as with all dental treatments and procedures there are potential risks. Therefore all patients are advised to seek further information and advice from their local dental team.

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