Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign in Sheffield is more popular than ever as a means of achieving a great smile.  This guide explores what the treatment is and what it is for.  It is also an exploration of the reasons that people chose clear braces to upgrade their appearance, and some of the benefits that come with this form of teeth straightening.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the trade name for invisible braces.  These have the same purpose as traditional braces, that is, to correct the position of the teeth.  This may be necessary because the teeth are crooked or protruding.  The braces come in the form of clear plastic trays that slot over the teeth.  These trays are also referred to as aligners.  The aligners are swapped every few weeks until the treatment is complete.


Improving a person’s confidence is at the heart of treatment with Invisalign in Sheffield.  When the patient has teeth that are misaligned, they can feel very self-conscious about how they look.  If this is the case, then getting braces that feature wires and brackets may be unhelpful when it comes to such a patient.  They do not want to draw any attention to their imperfect smile, and they do not want others to know that they are wearing braces.

The fact that clear braces are completely invisible means that the patient can complete their treatment without worrying about what others think.  They do not have to offer any explanation about their orthodontic treatment, as no one will know unless they choose to tell them.

In addition, the confidence that is gained when treatment with Invisalign is complete can be life changing.   The patient finds that they now enjoy smiling and are keen to engage with others rather than shying away.  This increased ability to socialize and connect with others can also benefit a person’s mental health as well as helping them to feel good about the way they look.


The patient who chooses clear aligners is often able to enjoy the results of their treatment in a relatively short period of time.  In many cases, the smile can be corrected in as little as a few months.  For the patient who has waited a long time to get the look they have always wanted, this treatment is a great choice for getting great results quickly.

These days, most people lead busy lives in which they do not have time to spend hours at the dentist.  Opting for invisible braces is an excellent way of being efficient with time as they do not require manual adjustments to be made by the dentist.  Once a couple of weeks has passed, they simply change their aligners for a new set.

Oral health

Straight teeth do not just look better and allow the patient to feel good about their appearance, they also help to promote good oral health too.  Teeth that are not straight are much more difficult to keep clean.  It is harder to remove food debris and plaque from misaligned teeth, and if allowed to fester these can result in cavities and even gum disease.