Health benefits of decluttering

Every new year inspires people to become a better version of themselves. Many create resolutions that always include eating better to feel better or exercising to be healthier. Oddly though, not a lot of folks consider decluttering a solution for improving their health.

It’s rather interesting how people do not automatically make that correlation between the cleaning up and organizing task and feeling physically and psychologically better.

Minimalists point out decluttering for health is an instantly gratifying activity considering the huge difference you can accomplish in just a few hours. You don’t see the same results with dieting and working out.

Apart from the instantly visible results of decluttering, which sends a wave of happy hormones through your brain, the activity still yields other health benefits and five of them are listed below.

1. Fewer Allergy Attacks

Once you reduce the amount of clutter and rubbish in your home, there’ll be fewer items for the dust to accumulate and settle on. Dust is hyper-allergenic and when you don’t have things gathering dust in your home, you’ll suffer less frequently from allergy attacks.

2. You’ll Have More Time For Relaxation

You don’t have to clean things you do not have.

This is one of the joys of decluttering to reduce the number of things you have in your home. You don’t have to slave away during the weekend tidying up your space.

Once you’ve decluttered your home big time, you’ll find that the weekly general cleaning takes much faster than ever before. This will give you more time to just kick back and rejuvenate yourself or to enjoy the things you love doing.

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3. Fewer “Accidents” At Home

One of the hazards of having a messy or cluttered space is it prevents you from moving comfortably. Clear space is difficult to find so there’s not a lot of room for easy movement. You bump into protruding items resting where they shouldn’t be, stumble upon things scattered on the floor, or lose your footing stepping on a “floor cover” (curses if it’s a pile of Legos) that isn’t a carpet.

Decluttering will allow you to regain “safety” in your abode. You’ll be able to move comfortably and freely – no more worrying about the possibility of stepping on “booby traps.”

4. No More Insect Bites

A cluttered home is a perfect haven for everything from ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other creepy crawlers and fliers. Ask any pest control expert for a tip on how to keep household pests at bay and he will tell you right away that it’s to clean and organize your home.

Pests thrive and populate quickly in chaotic and dirty conditions. When they get disturbed, they will bite. But it’s not just their bites you have to worry about. The aforementioned pests are disease-carriers as well.

If you share your home with any pests, indoor air quality will suffer.  There is always the risk of contamination or infection, which can lead to gastroenteritis, skin irritation, and respiratory problems to cite a few.

5. Less Stress

Order in your surroundings can give you inner peace. It may sound cliché, but an open and clean space indeed creates an open mind. When your mind is open, you think more clearly and it’s easier for you to find inspiration to improve yourself or your situation.

Also, when you don’t deal with clutter every day, you get around to doing more things easily. For example, getting ready in the morning is a breeze when your closet is properly organized. Even if you’re running late, you can be sure to be dressed and ready to go in a shorter amount of time.

And lastly, you’ll start seeing your home as a sanctuary. The place where you’re in command and where everything makes sense to you. It always benefits the soul to be in a place where it can just “be.”

How to Declutter for Health

1. Score Inspiration

There’s a great abundance of help and inspiration that you can find online. You’ll find encouraging words, tips, and even a printable guide purely for decluttering. Take advantage of these to help you declutter your space in a thoroughly organized and even fun manner.

It’s worth noting as well that finding people who are on the same journey to clean as you are can make the endeavor less isolating. Highly recommended personalities for decluttering that you can find online are:

  • Jenny Mustard
  • Sarah Nourse
  • Rachel Aust
  • Sadia of Pick Up Limes.

And if you’re looking for books on tidying up, Marie Kondo’s books are definitely a must because she makes decluttering a source of joy.  Her books provide details on how decluttering and organizing can boost one’s physical, emotional, and mental health. You’ll definitely find the motivation you need to start tidying up and organizing your home when you read her tomes.

2.  Find “Solutions”

These are services that can make the task a whole lot easier. For example, you can turn to a local storage service. If there are a lot of things that you simply cannot get rid of yet due to sentimental reasons or their monetary value, you can rent a storage unit for them.

When you place such items in a reputable self-storage facility, they will be out of your home. However, you can be sure they’re protected and you can easily retrieve them when you need them.

Consider hiring a cleaning service as well. It’s incredibly satisfying to declutter and clean at the same time because you get to see how space opens up and how clean the air gets.

3. Invest In Organizers

When you’re decluttering, it always helps to find a perfect place to store all of the things that will remain.

A few pretty boxes can serve as décor and organizing solutions. Old Mason jars are wonderful for small knick-knacks.

But to make your organizers truly effective in controlling mess in your home, it’s crucial to develop a mentality of replacing things where you get them. This will ensure that none of the valuable things that you have kept will morph into broken or damaged clutter over time.

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to regain your health, don’t overlook the power of decluttering. It truly is an effective but much easier health-boosting solution than others.

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