Why Might Someone Require Dental Braces Liverpool

Overcrowding and misalignment of the teeth are two very common dental issues that occur in patients at different stages of their life. Luckily, there is no need for drastic measures, as the world of dentistry has created various dental brace options which are each an efficient way to realign the teeth. Luckily modern day dentistry has both traditional metal brace options as well as clear inconspicuous aligners.

What are the various options?

The type of brace used is dependent on the type of overcrowding or misalignment the patient is suffering from. Every single case presented to a dental practice is approached as a fresh, individual case, there are no set time limits and what suits some patients does not necessarily suit others.

For mild to moderate cases of overcrowding and misalignment the inconspicuous clear aligners and removable appliances are often favoured over the traditional metal method.

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are becoming more and more popular due to the inconspicuous appearance and easy to apply nature of the braces. Clear aligners push the teeth into place over a relatively short period of time and are effective on the front upper and lower teeth rather than molars at the rear of the jaw.

Do Clear Braces Take Longer

Unlike the traditional metal bracket method the aligners are barely visible and therefore patients often feel more confident wearing them in their daily lives. Another benefit to this particular option is that some of the invisible options offered are also removable. That does not mean that they are to be worn on an ad hoc basis, but means that whilst eating the brace can be removed enabling it to remain clean. Once the food has been consumed and the mouth rinsed out the clean brace is to be put back into place. This allows a high standard of oral hygiene to be maintained throughout the treatment.

For moderate to severe cases of overcrowding and misaligned teeth metal fixed braces are often the recommended treatment. These use small square brackets which are fixed to the teeth by a bonding material, small thin wires are then tied in between each bracket which help adjust the positioning of the teeth. Whilst these particular braces are visible they are extremely effective in realigning the more severe cases and whilst a more in-depth cleaning method is needed, oral hygiene can still be held to a high level.

Often, as an adult, confidence can diminish if there are alignment issues with the teeth and the notion of wearing a dental brace can be off putting, therefore clear aligners are often the preferred method of treatment. However, each method of realignment is effective in its own way when used as advised and each treatment continues to be developed to suit the patient’s needs. Realigning teeth has many more benefits than the purely cosmetic. It can improve speech patterns, aid with digestion issues and reduce uneven pressure on teeth to help them endure for longer. If you feel a brace could help you get in touch with your dentist, they will only be too happy to help.

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