Gorgeous Hairstyles 2018

Beauty is defined by the perfect hairstyle you adopt. For an elegant look, we have several hairstyles for ladies both old and young to crown their holidays. These hairstyles are not only simple, but classic and help you fit any kind of occasion this holiday.

1. Messy Twist

This hairstyle is specifically for those ladies who love curly hairstyles. The following steps are taken for this perfect hairstyle to give you a great look:

  • Divide the hair into sections of four to six.
  • Using rollers; hair are made curly depending on the type of wave you would like either the small waves or large waves.
  • Push the curly hair back with the help of a comb and hold them using bobby pins.

2. Sided Braids

This hairstyle involves a four section braids where you are required to push your hair to one side with the help of a comb. Divide the hair into four equal parts. Using the equal parts of divided hair, take the first part on your left side then cross it to the second part pulling it under the third part and finally pull the section from the third section above the fourth part. You are required to do the same process from the left side. Repeat the procedure up to where the sections end and tie the end with the help of elastic.

3. Short and Tousled

This is an easy style to make. Follow the below procedure to have this simple and elegant style for your holiday occasions.

  • Comb the hair thoroughly.
  • Using clip-less curling rods, wrap your hair along the rods.
  • Allow some time for curls to form.
  • Remove the curls to realize loose waves of your hair.
  • You can set the curls as you desire or leave them as they are.

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4. Fresh-Girl Fishtail Braids

It is a simple but classic style that gives you a radiant look. The steps below are followed to give you the style:

  • Wash your hair with your shampoo and dry them using a clean towel.
  • Blow-dry the hair.
  • Using your favorite serum, apply it on the hair.
  • Divide the hair into two equal parts from your forehead to the back of your head.
  • Take one section and do the fishtail braiding that will ensure that your ears are covered and do the same on the other section.
  • Spray the hair to enable any hairs that are not braided locked in.

5. Teased Ponytail

Using clip-less curling rods, wrap your hair randomly on the rods and allow some time to form the waves. Remove the rods and push the hair back and with the help of hair band or elastic, hold the hair at the back of your head leaving the waves fall on your back.

6. Front and Center Dutch Braid

This style is for those ladies who do not want to have hair bands, elastics or pins. You’re required to wash your hair, blow dry them or hair dry and apply your favorite serum, divide the hair into two equal parts from your forehead to the back of your head leaving thin section along, braid the section from the forehead backwards.

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7. An Added Headband

Blow-dry your hair and comb them thoroughly, apply oil-based cream and push them holding them at the back of your head with double headband to give a beautiful look.

8. A Sleek Chignon

Using curling rods, wrap equally divided sections of your hair and allow time to form curls, remove the rods and hold the hair at the center of your head from your forehead with an elastic and leave the other parts fall on your shoulders and at your back.

9. Waxy Faux Bob

Apply hair cream to hold and give volume to your hair, blow dry the hair and divide into four equal parts, using one inch curling irons, wrap your hair on it and allow time to from S-like waves and bush the hair lightly while styling as desired.

10. Wrapped Ponytail

Blow-dry your hair straight and apply your favorite cream, comb them thoroughly and push them holding a section of the hair at the center of your head with an elastic, braid the held section and hold it at the end with elastic. Spry the hair and allow the rest to fall backwards.


From the various hairstyles above, you are guaranteed of an elegant look for various functions. Your confidence enhanced and gives you a radiant look. These styles give you beauty to be admired.

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